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Admission Process Through NEET 2016

NEET 1 & 2 Results Out | 16th August 2016

Know About Possibilities of MBBS Admission in India & Abroad

  • Option 1 – NEET Process (Appear for Exam, Score Rank & Get Seat through Merit) (only 2 to 3% students get admission through merit)
  • Option 2 – Pay for Management Quota & Get Admission (Not Now because of NEET Process), not every student and family can afford as expenses are very high
  • Option 3 – MBBS Abroad in MCI & WHO Listed Universities भारत या भारत के बाहर दोनों जगह से MBBS करने के बाद MCI की परीक्षा देनी होगी (Published in all news paper), *भारत के बाहर खर्च कम लगेगा एवं बिना साल ख़राब किये एडमिशन मिल पायेगा अब आप तय करें, एक साल और इन्तजार करना है या इसी वर्ष सही निर्णय लेकर भारत से बाहर प्रवेश लेना है*

NEET Result http://cbseresults.nic.in/neet/neet_2016.htm

विशेष चेतावनी – कजाखस्तान एवं किर्गिस्तान रूस का हिस्सा नहीं है| फिलीपींस में डायरेक्ट एडमिशन नहीं होता है पहले BS कोर्स फिर NMAT की परीक्षा उसके बाद MD कोर्स में एडमिशन होता है| जॉर्जिया में 6 वर्ष का कोर्स होता है एवं जॉर्जिया यूरोपियन यूनियन का हिस्सा नहीं है| कहीं भी एडमिशन लेने से पहले एक बार उस देश में स्थित भारतीय दूतावास की वेबसाइट से जरूर जानकारी लें|

कोर्स की अवधि कम बताने वालो लोगों से बचें (क्योंकि कम अवधि के अनुसार आपको कुल खर्च भी कम बताया जाता है जो वास्तविकता खर्च नहीं है), ऐसे लोगों के चंगुल में ना फसें जो खुद उस देश में ना गए हो जहा वो आपको भेजना चाहते है (उनके पासपोर्ट एवं वीसा की कॉपी मांगे)|

सभी देशो की सही जानकारी लें जैसे कोर्स की अवधि, मौसम, रहन सहन, कुल खर्च, सुरक्षा, पढाई का स्तर आदि, अधिक जानकारी एवं निशुल्क मार्गदर्शन के लिए हमारी वेबसाइट देखें या हमारे हेल्पलाइन नंबर पर कॉल करें|

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As per the directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the Ordinances promulgated by the Central Government on 24.05.2016, NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST-II (UG), 2016 will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses in Medical/Dental Colleges run with the approval of Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

The AIPMT-2016/NEET- I was conducted on 1 st May, 2016. NEET-II will be conducted on Sunday, the 24 th July, 2016. The judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and Ordinances is uploaded on NEET website.

What Next – Drop or NEET 2016 or MBBS Abroad – How to Make Right Decision

There are number of news in news paper, TV, Internet about MBBS & BDS Admission Process in India (for Private and Government Medical Colleges). There are lot of students and parents who are still confused about their admission, what are the impact of these news, what next now, what should they do now.

  • Should they wait and follow the NEET 2016 process and wait till September for admission process to be completed.
  • Should they drop and prepare for Admission Process for 2017?
  • Should they explore global opportunities for MBBS Admission Abroad?

For making right decision students and parents must be clear with their strength, weaknesses, possibilities, priority and available opportunities in India/Abroad.

Strength and Weakness – Students and parents must understand and realize the academic and financial strength. Weather students are capable of cracking the competition of NEET/AIPMT (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test/All India Pre Medical Test), If student has already dropped for more than 2 years, these 2 years are good enough to justify student’s capabilities. Before planning for MBBS/BDS Admission in India parents must collect information about Fee of Private and Govt. Medical/Dental College, so that they will get an idea, does it makes any sense to apply for MBBS/BDS or not, Because if you do not have sufficient money/budget applying for private colleges makes no sense.

Possibilities – Every child is superman and super women for their parents but they must also understand the competition for National Entrance Exams. Their child is not the only child appearing in exam. In India approx 52000-53000 Seats are available for MBBS and approx 8-10 Lakhs students appear for admission process. Dropping a year will not change this scenario next year competition will increase further. I personally feel that government should also understand that this fairytale should be stopped and they must take a decision of fix number of attempt for medical exams. Medical aspirants must appear once with their qualifying exam (12th / HSC) and maximum 2 times after their HSC. There are lakhs of students wasting their money and productive time which can be utilized for MBBS Abroad or Other Courses like BAMS, BHMS, BDS, Nursing, Bio Tech or else. Dropping a year is not the right solution.

Priority – students and parents must understand their priority.

  • Being doctor is more important?
  • Doing MBBS (not BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BDS) for being doctor is important, because courses mentioned above also makes you doctor?
  • If only MBBS with Allopathic is priority then, Why not to go for MBBS Abroad and be an international doctor?

Ask these questions to yourself and see, what are your priorities and next steps

Available Opportunities in India/Abroad

We have already discussed about Available opportunities about admission in India. To brief in short there are only 3 ways for MBBS Admission

  • Students must be extra ordinary talented to crack entrance exam and get admission through merit in government colleges.
  • Parents must be extra ordinary talented to pay lakhs of rupees as high fees and development charges/capitation/donation of private medical colleges.
  • If answer of first 2 conditions is NO, third and only left option is MBBS Abroad, where student can apply and get admission in good country and universities.

Now it’s you who need to make a choice, about possibilities and opportunities. If you are getting admission in India you must take but if not dropping year is not the solution because next year neither you/your parents will win a jackpot nor Medical colleges will reduce their fees, Forget about less competition it will increase future every year.

If you could not crack national entrance exam in last 2-3 years, why you/parents are so confident that you will clear this year, still you can keep that option open, register for MBBS Abroad, Pay registration fee and keep option of MBBS in India open till results are declared.

It is advisable to make a decision on time before it is too late. Admission in Low cost but good countries and institutes/universities will be closed. So act now and make your choice but do not drop/waste a year, because cost of a year can be considered equal to a doctor’s salary.

How to Select Right Country and Institute for MBBS Abroad

First Step – make up your mind for study abroad, apply for passport and prepare budget for entire duration of study (tuition fees, other fees, accommodation, food, travel expenses and other)
Second Step – target right counsellor, who should be knowledgeable and experience enough to guide you for 3-4 countries with multiple options, then select right country as per your priorities like budget, duration, language availability of Indian food, weather, culture, travelling expenses and other criteria.
Third Step - once you are clear with country, select right institute matching with your criteria mentioned above.
Next Step – start admission process by submitting application/registration fee with required documents.

Important Points to be Considered for MBBS Abroad

  • Do not fall in trap of sectional consultants, who often change their offices are involved in other business also.
  • Do not give your original mark sheets before getting admission letter.
  • Do not handover original passport to anyone except for the process for visa before 10-15 days of departure.
  • Be clear with everything like total fee, duration, accommodation type with cost, food and other expenses.
  • Confirm about service/consultancy fee is and what does that included

For more information and guidance register on our website, our counsellors will call you personally and will guide you for best available options and opportunities.

NEET II - 2016 | Important Information at a glance.

1. Date of Examination, NEET II - 2016 24/07/2016 (Sunday)
2. Fee Details
Schedule for on-line submission of application forms
For Fee Through e-challan For Fee Through other Modes
26.05.2016 (Thursday) to 21.06.2016 (Tuesday) 26.05.2016 (Thursday) to 25.06.2016 (Saturday)
Last date for successful final transaction of fee applicable for online application
25.06.2016 (Saturday)
25.06.2016 (Saturday)
Date of uploading of Admit Cards on website* 08.07.2016 (Friday)
Date of Examination, NEET-II 24.07.2016 (Sunday)
Display of OMR Sheet (NEET-I & NEET-II)* From 04.08.2016 to 06.08.2016
Display of Answer Key (NEET-I & NEET-II)* From 07.08.2016 to 09.08.2016
Declaration of Combined Result of NEET-I & NEET-II* Will be intimated through website.
*For exact date, candidate may remain in touch with website.
FOR UR/OBC Rs.1400/- (INR)
FOR SC/ST/PH Rs.750/- (INR)
3. Date of hosting of Admit Card 08.07.2016 (Friday)
  Date of Examination, NEET - II 24.07.2016 (Sunday)
  Declaration of Result Will be intimated through website.
4. Time Schedule National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test NEET II, 2016
(a) Entry in the Examination Hall 7:30 AM
(b) Checking of Admit Cards by the invigilator 7.30 AM to 9.45 AM
(c) Distribution of Test Booklet 9.45 AM
(d) Seal of the Test Booklet to be broken/ opened to take out the Answer Sheet 9.55 AM
(e) Latest Entry in the Examination Hall 9.30 AM
(f) Test Commences 10.00 AM
(g) Test Concludes 01.00 PM
5. Declaration of Results Will be intimated through website.
6. Material to be brought on the day of examination Admit Card, Passport size Photograph and Post Card Size Photograph affixed on proforma.
7. Rough Work All rough work is to be done in the Test Booklet only. The candidate will not do any rough work or put stray mark on the machine gradable Answer Sheet.
8. Use of Blue/Black Ball Point Pen only Pen will be provided at the centre for writing of particulars on the Test Booklet and responses on the Answer Sheet

Important Note - Source of all details mentioned above is official website of NEET/AIPMT, before making any decision all students are supposed to refer their official website as an original source and latest source of information.

Supreme Court verdict on 9th May 2016

As per Supreme Court verdict on 9th May 2016, there will not be any state level exams, there will be only 1 entrance exam for MBBS and BDS in India that is NEET. Even if a student has appeared in AIPMT/NEET Phase 1 they can appear in NEET Phase 2, All students who have not appeared for AIPMT are supposed to apply for NEET Phase 2 Exam. Important dates for NEET Phase 2 are

  • 24 July 2016: Second phase of NEET
  • 17 August 2016: Final result of students' shortlisted for medical courses (All India Pre- Medical/Dental Entrance Test)
  • 30 September 2016: Last date to complete procedures for entrance in medical colleges

Details about further process and steps will be updated soon – before making any decision, students are supposed to visit official website of NEET and MCI.