Important Details (Terms & Conditions) for Online Application

I/We (Student & Parents) confirming that information filled and mentioned here are genuine and all documents submitted belongs to the student only and I/We (Student & Parents) are solely responsible for the details and documents submitted. We also agree and accept that we have read, understood and researched well about the country and Institute/University their eligibility criteria, package, inclusions, exclusions and other details. We have also checked required approvals and accreditations before applying and only I/we are responsible for our decision. We are not making decision of selecting this county and institute/university forcefully, we are selecting this option after considering all facts and details we have collected from our sources. We also agree and accept that application fees once paid is not refundable under any circumstances and we also agree and accept that we will not claim application fees, I/we are submitting application, documents and application fees after understanding entire process and the package associated with each Institute/University. We also agree and accept that we cannot change college/university once application is submitted and if I/we wish to apply for multiple institutes/universities as backup plan, we need to pay separately for each Institute/university. We also agree and accept that we are applying online after understanding the entire process of online application for MBBS Abroad (All institutes/universities available for online application are situated out of India, this application process is not for any institute/university situated in India), After completing MBBS/MD all student must to follow rules and regulations of MCI, NBE and concerned departments. This platform or team members of online application process (www.mbbsnow.com) are not responsible of any change/update in rules/policies of both countries (India & Country of Admission). Applying online or filling application form and submitting documents is not the guarantee of admission, your application will be analyzed and accessed by our team and respective university, if you are found eligible they only you will be offered admission with a deadline for registration, failing to pay within given deadline will automatically cancel your application, your application can be considered only in case of left out seat. We have also understood, agree & accept that www.mbbsnow.com is only a platform to make application process easy, quick and transparent and support for documentation, visa processing & travel arrangements. We (website www.mbbsnow.com or team members) are not responsible for post admission activities like their result, performance, personal behaviour, health, exams and other academic or non academic issues.
Once application is accepted, you will get information about next process through email and call, if your application is rejected, you will be informed once and no further communication will be entertained.